Is There Enough Sun in the UK?
Yes, Solar Panels do not need strong sunlight to work; they will produce electricity even on cloudy days. The Panels work via light this means even on a winter’s day you could be producing electricity and earning money.
Is my roof suitable?
A sloping roof will be suitable as long as it faces south, south east, south west or anything in between.
What if I have a flat roof?
Utilising our Krannich K2 racking system we can create the best angle for your Solar PV Panels to be fitted onto thus giving you the perfect angle for maximum efficiently. However installing panels on a flat roof may require planning permission.
Can my Solar Panels only be placed on my roof?
You can place your solar panels anywhere within your grounds though it may require planning permission, ideally the best place is on roofs.
Will there be any internal Structural Roof Changes?
A roof would only ever need structural supports installed where the roof has decaying or rotten structural timber. The Solar PV panel structure is approximately 60kg in weight this is not much weight to put on top of a roof.
Do I need planning permission?
Generally no, planning permission is only required if you live in a listed building or conservation area.
Will I need to rewire my house?
No your current electrical set up will be checked and surveyed for compatibility by our energy advisors, in most cases circuits are built into your current consumer unit with new wiring and Meters installed without you noticing a change internally.
What Is the Feed In Tariff?
The FiT is a scheme that pays people for creating their own "green electricity". The Tariffs give three financial benefits:
  • A payment for all the electricity produced, even if you use it yourself
  • Additional payments for electricity you export into the grid
  • A reduction on your standard electricity bill, from using energy you that you produce
Will I be eligible for the Feed in Tariff (FiT)?
Yes, the FiT is available on all Solar PV installations, with variable rates dependant on the system size.
What rate would I receive on the Feed in Tariff (FIT)?
The rates vary according to the size of the system and the type of property where it is installed. Generally, for systems up to 4kW rating installed on an existing property, the FiT rate is 41.3p for every kWh generated.
How much will I be paid for electricity I export?
The rate most commonly paid is 3.1p per kWh exported into the National Grid. This rate may vary dependent on your electricity company.
Will I still receive an electricity bill?
Yes as although you will be producing your own electricity and selling electricity back to the Grid, there will be times when you are not producing electricity, during these times you will need to purchase electricity as you have done in the past. In most cases you will see a reduction on your electricity bill.
How long are the tariffs paid for?
The tariffs last for 25 years
Is the tariff guaranteed for this whole period?
Yes - once you start at a given tariff, it is guaranteed for the full period and is index linked.
Do I need to inform my electricity supplier?
We will inform them once the installation is complete. For systems larger than 16 Amps we will require permission in advance from the network operator.
Does My New System affect my house price?
Yes, your Property value will increase, as you now have a more eco-friendly home and your Solar PV System is generating you Money and making you savings on your electricity bills.
Some companies offer free solar PV systems. Do you do this?
No. We want you to benefit from your system. When companies offer a free solar PV system and installation they will then claim all your FiT income for themselves leaving you with only a slight reduction in your electricity bills and thousands of pounds in their pockets.

  Please Click Here to view the FITS via. the EnergySavingTrust Website.