Solar Panel Installation & Ordering


National Solar PV can offer you a clear and simple solution regarding the costs to supply and fit of a complete, quality Solar PV system. We will be able to give you an all-inclusive and accurate quotation for your solar panel PV installation.
After an initial evaluation based upon the information you provide to us, we will assess the suitability of your site and proposed project for a PV system and solar panel installation. If there are any areas of concern we will discuss these with you to ensure that they can be addressed before proceeding to the next stage. A member of our technical team will need to visit the proposed site and take detailed measurements, along with checking the proposed electrical connection.

The site survey will:
  • Ensure that your site is suitable for a PV system.
  • Predict the amount of power that will be generated on both an annual and lifetime basis.
  • Check site access and roof conditions for installation feasibility, issues and costs associated to the solar panel installation.
  • Ensure that the electrical installation is up to date and meets with current safety regulations.
  • Provide a working document from which a planning application can be made if needed.
We will then prepare a detailed site survey report that will include all the above items and send this to out to you along with your quotation. Once you have had the chance to review your quotation you may want to discuss any issues with our team and make any changes that you think are needed. You are then ready to proceed to the next step - the solar panel installation.


Once you are happy with the quotation and have obtained planning permission (if required) you can place your order for your PV system and solar panel installation with us. We will ask you to sign an order confirmation and return it to us along with a deposit of 20% of the total value.
As a member of the REAL scheme it is mandatory that we give you a 7 day cooling off period after you have placed your order, during which time you may cancel your order with no financial loss. The REAL scheme provides you with protection against making a hasty decision.
The installation involves many aspects and these will be undertaken by different engineers, possibly on different days. We will however always seek to minimize the disruption at your site and will discuss and agree with you the dates and method of each aspect of the installation.

The key steps in the process are:
  • Scaffolding - this will need to be in place prior to the installation of your PV system onto a roof and removed afterwards.
  • Electrical - We will supply and install all the electrical components that enable the PV system to be connected to the grid and for you to claim your FITs. Your electricity supplier may need to change your meter for a bi-directional meter which measures both the import and export of electricity.
  • Components - the PV system will be delivered to your site and installed as required.
  • Commissioning - Once all the elements are in place the system will be commissioned and will start to generate power.